Women Throughout Time


This website was designed by Kaila Robinson, all posts were created by Dani Fuchs, Hannah Landry, Kathryn Washburn, and Spencer Sachdeva. We created this website to share about women from the late 1900s through present times. Dani covers the Gay Liberation Movement and Disco Movement, where she researched the connection between the gay liberation movement and disco in the 1970s by exploring the culture of disco and how the LGBTQ+ community were the ones who were responsible for its popularity. Hannah covers Roe V. Wade, where she researched the “Roe” in Roe v. Wade and what made her decision to seek a legal abortion in Texas in the 70s change how abortion is viewed today. Katie covers lesbians and the AIDS epidemic, she researching the impacts that the lesbian community had on the greater Gay Liberation Movement during the late-1900s and how they worked to step up and combat the AIDS epidemic when the government would not. Spencer covers the LGBTQ+ and Transgender communities today. He goes over support they have received from others and court cases that have recently been own in favor of the Transgender community.