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Hollywood and Television started out as a male dominated industry, but as time has progressed Hollywood is slowly becoming more diverse. Today 42% of streaming programs have female protagonists which was the same percentage as men. 43% of all television characters in speaking roles are female. Obviously, Hollywood still isn’t nearly as diverse as it needs to be but here are some of the women who are responsible for trending Hollywood in the right direction.

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  • First woman to run a major television studio, Desilu

  • Creator and Star of I Love Lucy

    • I Love Lucy pioneered many different methods still used in the TV world today such as

      • A studio audience with multiple cameras

      • Clear sets that were adjacent to each other

  • Inducted into National Women’s Hall of Fame in 2001

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  • First Black actress to star in her own comedy show, The Beluah Show, in 1950.

  • Starred on CBS show The Ed Wynn Show

  • Also had a big film career before going into television. Staring in movies such as Gone in the Wind, This is Our Life, and Thank Your Lucky Stars


  • TV and Movie Actress who had a 40 year long career.

  • Starred in The Donna Reed Show

    • This was the first sit-com to revolve around the mother rather than the father

    • Won the Golden Globe in 1963 for her work in the Donna Reed show.

  • Starred in Dallas

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  • Actress and comedian who had a career that was over half a century long

  • Starred as Maude in All in the Family

  • Also starred as Maude in the spinoff, Maude

    • Maude was known for addressing serious worldly issues than most sitcoms

    • In 1972 Maude’s character had the first on screen abortion in television history

      • Won an Emmy for her role as Maude in Maude

    • She also starred in The Golden Girls

      • Won an Emmy for her role in Golden Girls


  • Started her career working as a new anchor

    • First black female and youngest person to be a news anchor at her local station

  • Worked as a talk show host on AM Chicago

    • Her performance took them from last place and put them in first place for ratings

  • The Oprah Winfrey Show

    • The First Woman to create and own their own talk show

    • The show ran for 25 seasons

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  • Started with stage acting

    • Performed in Kicks and CO

  • Star Trek

    • One of first black woman in a major television series

    • MLK telling her about his fandom got her to stay on the show when she was considering leaving

    • Shared the first interracial kiss in US teleivision history

  • After her career she worked with NASA on diversity

    • Responsible for women and ethnic minorities getting more opportunities at NASA

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